Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders
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LeHigh Fluid Power Pneumatic Cylinders

As a manufacturer of pneumatic cylinders, we specialize in the industrial tie-rod design – both the standard NFPA interchangeable tie-rod design and the custom design.

LeHigh air cylinders are truly permanently self-lubricated with the proprietary Miracalube® System. Our cylinder construction can be heavy duty brass and steel design or all stainless steel depending on application and customer requirements.

Standard Pneumatic Cylinders

Standard Pneumatic Cylinders

Heavy duty NFPA Industrial Tie Rod Design 1″ to 20″ bore
Brass Tube and Steel Construction up to 10″
Miracalube self-lubricated piston
100,000 min yield chrome plated piston rod
Sintered bronze/SAE660 bearing
Available in spring extend and retract

Stainless Steel Pneumatic Cylinders

All stainless steel construction, 303/304/316 or all 316
Rulon rod bearing
Miracalube self lubricating stainless piston with wear band
Carboylated Nitrile piston and rod seals
Polyurethane wiper and tube O-rings
NFPA Tie Rod Design 1″ to 20″ bore

Small Bore Pneumatic Cylinders

Corrosion resistant brass tube and steel construction
Long Oilite rod bearing
Low friction U Cup piston and rod seals
1/8″ NPT ports
Tie Rod Design 3/4″ and 1″ Bore
MSBA cylinders available with either conduit or plug-in connectors (plug-in shown)

Small Bore Air cylinders (SBA) and Liner Air Motors (MSBA) are designed to be used as components of other machines. These units are built to operate without maintenance for millions of high speed cycles because of the combined features that are standard on this heavy duty cylinder, maximizing customer ROI. Make no mistake, these are not light duty throw-away cylinders that constantly need to be replaced increasing down time and maintenance expense. The SBA & MSBA cylinders are commonly found in high volume printing and binding operations worldwide. The MSBA line features valve in head construction which simplifies installation by direct connection of electric and air lines to the cylinder. These cylinders can also be manufactured with spring extend or spring retract features.