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Taiyo America UTAM Series Air Motor

Taiyo hydraulic equipment and cylinders are highly admired by market because they are developed and produced by high quality engineering power. They offer AIRPRO air motors designed for use in industrial applications such as powering air driven machinery, raising foundry copes and drags, rotating a turntable, mixing plant, powering cranes, valve actuation and power source for mechanical hands.

AIRPRO UTAM Series Air Motor


AIRPRO UTAM Series Air Motor

AIRPRO air motors - speed could be easily controlled by flow adjustment from 100 rpm up to max. speed.
Compact in size, light in weight and simple in structure are features of all models.
AIRPRO air motors can be mounted any way you like - Flange mounting and foot mounting are available.
Air lines should be equipped with lubricators. Mount the lubricator as close to the motor as possible.
NPT and PT port is available.